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IBM Claims Quantum Computing Breakthrough

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IBM announces what it describes as two "critical advances" in the creation of a practical quantum computer-- a means to simultaneously detect and measure two kinds of quantum errors and a square quantum bit design.

Intel QuantumWork on quantum computers has been going at IBM since 1981, following the first workshop on the "physics of information" by Nobel Prize winner Richard Feynman. IBM believes Moore's Law will soon run out of steam, and as such only quantum computing can open further innovation across the industry.

Quantum computers are based on qubits, the quantum equivalent of regular bits. Qubits can simultaneously exist as both 0 and 1, in what is known as a "superposition state." This should allow for the crunching of calculations far too complex for current hardware-- so much so Big Blue claims a quantum computer built using just 50 qubits can outperform any supercomputer on the TOP500 list.

Rackspace Intros Akamai-Powered CDN

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Rackspace launches the Rackspace Content Delivery Network (CDN)-- an Akamai-powered service providing customers with integrated, "one-click" access to Akamai CDN services via the Rackspace portal.

RackspaceAccording to Rackspace, CDN provides customers with a "competitive advantage" as it allows them to scale out their global presence without massive infrastructure investments. This is important, since Kiss Metrics research suggests "nearly half" of web users tend to leave a website and abandon their search or purchase if a desired page fails to load in the first 3 seconds.

Meanwhile 79% of online shoppers will not return to a site if it gave them trouble, and 44% will tell a friend if they had a poor online shopping experience.

IDC: Cloud Drives EMEA IT Infrastructure

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According to IDC, EMEA IT infrastructure (server, disk storage and ethernet switch) spending for public and private cloud has Q4 2014 revenues worth $1.1 billion with 27% Y-o-Y growth, and around $4.1bn with 28% growth for overall 2014.

Such results lead to the cloud-related share of EMEA infrastructure spending growing to 17% in 2014, up by 3 percentage points from 2013. The cloud also accounts for 32% of total Q4 2014 EMEA storage capacity, a 52% increase over Q3 2013.

IDC EMEA Cloud spending

Thus, the analyst forecasts the market will reach $10.8bn by 2019, or 39% of total market expenditure, making it one of the areas of "tremendous growth" for European infrastructure-- especially compared to an otherwise stagnant (if not declining) traditional market.

Cisco Presents Software Partner Program

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Cisco announces a partner program addition at the Cisco Partner Summit 2015 with the Software Partner Program-- one that, as the company itself admits, might not be relevant for all partners.

Cisco Parnter SummitThe Software Partner Program features a number of new roles, namely Software Lifecycle Advisor (helps customers understand how to adopt, use, and manage software and services), Software Consultant (helps maximise value from Cisco software) and Software Integrator (builds custom solutions using Cisco software, 3rd party software and partner IP).

However, as the company later said at the Q&A session following the announcement, not every small and mid-size partner can participate in the program-- but then again not every reseller has to say yes to "everything."

Broadcomm Announces 5G Wifi Wave 2

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Broadcom launches the 5G Wifi Wave 2 solutions portfolio for enterprise wireless access points, with new chipsets including the BCM43465 (4x4 11ac MU-MIMO) and BCM43525 (3x3 11ac MU-MIMO).

Broadcom logoThe company claims the BCM43465 is the first to support 2.2Gbps and four concurrent MU-MIMO (multi-user, multiple input, multiple output) devices, providing the enterprise market with the highest density of client support.

Further boosting performance is the use of 160MHz, allowing devices to fully utilise available bandwidth, as well as NitroQAM 1024-QAM technology (promises 25% throughput boost over 802.11ac's 256-QAM) and the Advanced Spectrum Capture Engine (AsCE) identifying and adjusting against non-wifi interference.

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