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TeslaCrypt Creators Give Up Malware Master Key

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Security firm ESET has good news for victims of TeslaCrypt-- the creators of the ransomware have given up the master key required to decrypt files infected by the malware.

Teslacrypt keysTeslaCrypt first appeared in early 2015, and gained infamy by targeting game-related content such as save files and custom maps as well as the more traditional documents and pictures. In total it affects 185 different file extensions, and it reportedly earned its creators $76522 in less than two months.

However, the operators behind TeslaCrypt claim to have closed the ransomware project, and in what seems to be an act of repentance the group provided an ESET researcher with a universal decryption key.

Microsoft Wins Big With Office 365

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Microsoft appears to be making a killing with the cloud-based version of Office-- according to Skyhigh Networks 22.3% of enterprises are currently using at least one Office 365 application, up from 7% in September 2015.

Office 365 Chart

Interestingly, the most popular Office 365 application is OneDrive, the Microsoft rival to the likes of Dropbox and Box. OneDrive is used by 79.1% of enterprises with 100 or more employees, even more so than email service Exchange Online (66.9%).

NetSuite Adds Functionality for Disties

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Cloud-based financial software provider NetSuite announces "significant" features designed to help wholesale distributors optimise operations across warehouse management, eCommerce, order management and procurement.

Netwsuite Such features come in the shape of WMS Lite-- an extension of native NetSuite inventory and warehouse capabilities designed for less complex warehouses , retail stores serving as a distribution channel in an omnichannel world and trucks, trailers and other non-traditional environments serving as distribution centres.

WMS Lite automates manual warehouse processes, adds RF mobile handheld scanning, provides real-time access into transaction and inventory movements, and integrates into existing NetSuite implementations in "a matter of weeks" without disruptions.

IBM Makes Headway in Phase Change Memory

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IBM steps closer towards achieving the dream of combined datacentre memory and storage as it figures out a means of storing 3 bits in a single Phase Change Memory (PCM) cell, 50% more than the two-bit version last seen in 2011.

IBM PCM PCM combines memory and storage through chalcogenide, a glass-like metal alloy able to change between 2 stable states-- amorphous (without a clearly defined structure) and crystalline (with structure)-- through the application of heat. The technology is actually similar to re-writable Blu-ray Discs, with each state showing either low or high electrical conductivity. The result is able to store data when switched off (unlike DRAM), and is able to respond to data requests in less than 1 microsecond.

However exploiting such properties for universal memory is difficult, and requires sophisticated technologies with names cuh as "drift-immune cell-state metrics" and "drift-tolerant coding and detection schemes." Which is why IBM's managing to store 3 bits per cell within a 64K is a breakthrough, even more so when the device can handle 1 million endurance cycles.

HP Intros Jet Fusion 3D Printer

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HP Jet FusionHP presents what it claims is the first production-ready 3D printing system at RAPID 2016-- the Jet Fusion, a printer the company says is up to 10 times faster than existing machines while promising to cut manufacturing costs by half.

Based on the Multi Jet Fusion technology first released back in 2014, Jet Fusion machines simultaneously operate 10000 nozzles to print objects on the level of individual voxels (3D pixels made of tiny cubes) at 21 micron resolution. The ystem is similar to thermal inkjet arrays, and provides higher levels of granular control over finished products, as well as a seamless finish.

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