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Symantec Sells Data Storage Unit

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Symantec sets to focus wholly on the security business-- as well as get cash for a required turnaround-- by selling data storage unit Veritas to an investor group led by the Carlyle Group for $8 billion in cash.

Symantec Veritas"This transaction strengthens our financial foundation, paving the way for Symantec to grow its security business and increase its lead as the world’s largest cybersecurity company," CEO Michael A. Brown says. "We believe the agreement with the investors, including The Carlyle Group and GIC, delivers an attractive and certain value for the Veritas business, and is in the best interests of all stakeholders.”

Microsoft Delays Surface Hub

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Customers wanting the Surface Hub giant camera-equipped tablet/videoconferencing and collaboration replacement will have to wait a little longer-- Microsoft delays shipments of the devices until January 2016.

Surface HubThe Surface Hub was initially set to ship in a number of European markets from September 2015, following the 1 July opening of preorders. Why the delay? Apparently demand was strong enough to cause a reworking of Microsoft manufacturing processes in order to handle amounts of the device.

Samsung Proposes "Space Internet"

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Samsung proposes a means to provide the world with an additional zetabyte of data transfer capacity every month-- a "Space Internet" system consisting of 4600 tiny Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites.

Space InternetIn a paper titled "Mobile Internet from the Heavens," Samsung R&D president Farooq Khan forecasts global demand for mobile demand will reach 1 zettabyte per month by 2028, and as such companies need to gear up now if they want to provide the bandwidth required.

Enter the Space Internet. The system consists of a network of so-called micro satellites (weighting less than 500kg) at 1500-2000km altitude. Such satellites cost relatively less to manufacture and deploy, and can essentially blanket the world with faster mobile internet (providing 200GB/month for 5 billion users worldwide) following the widespread adoption of 5G technology.

IBM Cloud Reaches Ingram Cloud Marketplace

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The Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace gets another product in the shape of the IBM SoftLayer cloud service, with access to virtual and bare-metal servers as well as security services and networking.

DatacentresCustomers can deploy such services on demand with full access and control through web portal or API, allowing the creation of public, private or hybrid cloud environments. The SoftLayer IaaS platform runs on datacentres across Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific, and covers a range of cloud computing options connected to an integrated private network and management system.

Channel partners can configure and manage SoftLayer and other cloud offerings through a single console. The Ingram Micro cloud offering also taps into IBM in-country compliance efforts, providing regional customers with a secure, resilient and scalable cloud platform.

HGST Shows Off Persistent Memory Fabric

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HGST showcases Persistent Memory Fabric technology at the Flash Memory Summit 2015-- a combination of high-speed Phase Change Memory (PCM) and Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) technology from network firm Mellanox.

HGSTAs the company puts it the result is an in-memory compute cluster offering large total memory space while reducing the power consumption associated with standard DRAM through the use of non-volatile PCM. According to HGST DRAM consumes 20-30% of datacentre power budgets.

PCM does not required powered refresh, making it scalable, yet still offers DRAM-like performance.

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