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Spectre Patch Affects New Core Chips After All

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Intel eats back the words it said earlier this month as it admits newer Skylake and Kaby Lake CPUs are also affected by the patch released to fix the issues brought about Spectre and Meltdown.

Intel logoAccording to a company blog post, while the firmware updates are "effective at mitigating exposure to the security issues," they also lead to more frequent reboots. Previously Intel insisted the issue was only noticeable on systems running on older Broadwell and Haswell CPUs, but tests have confirmed similar behaviours happen on Ivy Bridge-, Sandy Bridge-, Skywell- and Kaby Lake-based platforms.

That said, Intel insists it is close to identifying the root cause of the issue. In parallel, it is providing vendors with "beta microcode" for validation in the near future.

Samsung Produces 16Gb GDDR6 Memory

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Samsung starts mass production of what it claims is the first 16Gb GDDR6 memory, designed for advanced graphics processing in gaming devices and graphics cards, as well as automotive, network and AI applications.

Samsung GDDR6“Beginning with this early production of the industry’s first 16Gb GDDR6, we will offer a comprehensive graphics DRAM line-up, with the highest performance and densities, in a very timely manner,” the company says. “By introducing next-generation GDDR6 products, we will strengthen our presence in the gaming and graphics card markets and accommodate the growing need for advanced graphics memory in automotive and network systems."

WyreStorm Launches Modular H2XC Series at ISE

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WyreStorm announces the ISE 2018 reveal of the H2XC Series modular HDBaseT 5Play 4K with integrated audio DSP matrix switchers, featuring a selection of customisable multi-format, multi-platform transmission cards.

WyreStorm H2XCAn evolution of the H2X series, the H2XC offers more pro AV and large residential options for the distribution of multi-source 4K UHD with HDR and legacy video formats. It also handles multi-source audio matrix switching to multiple zones, including SmartTV function and audio on-demand products.

Like the parent model, the H2XC includes proprietary SmartEDID technology to dynamically remove conflicts when combining 1080p and 4K screens within the same installation. An integrated audio matrix with powerful DSP routes up to 3 separate audio signals per transmission card (depending on card), including ARC, HDMI de-embed from video and separate line-level audio only sources.

Spectre and Meltdown Fixes Cause PC Slowdowns?

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As the industry figures out how to fix Spectre and Meltdown-- the two security issues affecting the processors powering just about every PC, server and mobile device-- news emerges on how the fixes might negatively hit the performance of said devices.

Meltdown SpectreIn case anyone is in need of background, the ominously named Spectre (dubbed so because of the root cause, speculative execution) and Meltdown (since it melts security boundaries normally enforced by hardware) were discovered by security researchers in the early days of 2018. The discovery brought about a flurry of patches and updates, but soon afterwards reports emerged of performance taking a hit as a result of said updates. Initially the industry was hesitant to confirm the reports, but now both Microsoft and Intel admit that, yes, the Spectre and Meltdown fixes affect the performance of at least some machines.

Samsung Debuts Flip Digital Flipchart

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Samsung unveils the Flip digital flipchart display (WM55H) at a First Look event-- a 55-inch portrait-based LCD touchscreen allowing for sharing, annotation, movement and even sharing.

Samsung FlipStanding on a portable, wheel-based stand, the Flip transforms any location into a huddle room, making it ideal for customers with limited conference space. It allows up to 4 different participants to show content or annotate directly on screen at the same time, using either fingers or dual-sided pen.

Compatibility with a variety of devices is included via wireless and USB, PC and mobile connectivity. Integrated screen-sharing makes Flip content available on connected PCs, smartphones and tablets, without interruption or reduced visual quality, and users can likewise export content from their devices to the Flip display.

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