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The Portable Axellio Edge Computing System

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Customers wanting to easily carry a high performance computing system get such a product from X-IO-- the portable version of the Axellio edge-computing platform fits in two "easily-transportable" suitcases.

Axellio portableBut why would an on-the-go rapid response team choose a portable Axellio system, instead of a stack of laptops? According to X-IO portable Axellio can handle advanced analytics in real time, as it carries up to 88 CPU cores, 2TB RAM, 460TB NVMe flash storage and x4 100GbE network connectivity, all within a high-density 2U design.

The result, the company claims, is a system able to handle 12 million IOPS and 480 Gbps transfer rates with under 50ms latency. The hardware is easily disassembled before reassembly onsite, with one carry-on suitcase holding the storage while a larger suitcase contains the main server chassis.

InfoComm International Changes Name to AVIXA

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In a surprise announcement InfoComm International (as in the organisation) changes its name to the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association, or AVIXA.

AVIXAFor now, InfoComm the trade show-- both the one taking place in the US in June and international versions such as InfoComm China-- will retain the name, only the organiser is now AVIXA, not InfoComm International.

But why would would the organisation formerly known as InfoComm International change its name? As CEO David Labuskes puts it, “you shouldn’t change your name. If you can do anything else, you shouldn’t change your name… But [after much thought and discussion], none of the other options worked or were authentic.”

"Some Growth" for Q2 Servers says Gartner

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According to Gartner global server shipments are up by 2.4% Y-o-Y in Q2 2017, reaching 2.8 million units, while revenues total $13.9bn, a 2.8% Y-o-Y increase.

Server revenues Gartners

"Q2 2017 produced some growth compared with the Q1 on a global level, with varying regional results," the analyst says. "The growth for the quarter is attributable to 2 main factors. The first is strong regional performance in Asia/Pacific because of data center infrastructure build-outs, mostly in China. The second is ongoing hyperscale data center growth that is exhibited in the self-build/ODM (original design manufacturer) segment."

Barco: ClickShare Meeting Rooms Total 300000

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Barco says global shipments of the ClickShare wireless content sharing solution total over 300000, marking it as "the preferred solution for worry-free collaboration in every meeting room, huddle room and boardroom.”

Barco Clickshare“Since its launch, our patented wireless presentation system has steadily gained in popularity, with more than 40 percent of Global Fortune 1000 companies using ClickShare technology today," the company says. "ClickShare has secured an impressive, global market share on its promise of simplicity, zero-learning curve and user-friendliness. With its large, patented portfolio and trusted partner network, ClickShare is strengthening its position as the meeting room platform of the future.”

Microsoft Adds Security to Azure

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Microsoft proposes a a boost in security for the Azure cloud platform-- Confidential Compute, a feature allowing applications running on Azure to keep data encrypted even when being computed in-memory.

Confidential ComputingAzure already encrypts data while at rest at in transit, but the encryption of data while in an in-use state eliminates a potential weak link in the security process. After all, data loses all protection when it is is processed by applications, meaning hackers can potentially access it via malware.

"Confidential Computing ensures that when data is "in the clear," which is required for efficient processing, the data is protected inside a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE)," a Microsoft blog post reads. "TEEs ensure there is no way to view data or the operations inside from the outside, even with a debugger. They even ensure that only authorised code is permitted to access data."

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