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Crestron Ships Mercury Collaboration Solution

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Crestron announces it started shipping the Mercury-- a tabletop meeting and collaboration system one can describe as a conferencing phone with a built-in Crestron AirMedia wireless presentation gateway.

Crestron MercuryThus, customers can use it to collaborate with users in far-sites or locally as a presentation gateway for wireless content. Mercury makes calls from either mobile device (cloud-codec) or any standard SIP phone system, and it includes both built-in mice and speakers to act as a speaker phone.

The collaboration parts of Crestron Mercury from a laptop or dedicated in-room PC can be handled via any soft phone, web conferencing or UC application such as Skype for Business, Cisco WebEx, GotoMeeting or Slack. A built-in occupancy sensor enables facility managers to collect usage data, driving efficient room use. Enterprise security standards are included.

Comprehensive Intros Pro AV/IT HD18 Cables

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Comprehensive Connectivity Company launches the Pro AV/IT HD18G series of 4K60 4:4:4 HDMI over fibre plenum cables designed for system integration and other commercial applications.

Comprehensive cableThe cables offer a low smoke and fire-retardant plenum jacket, as well as UHD, 18G 4K 60 4:4:4 end to end performance, with high-speed, plug-and-play HDMI signal transmission in lengths of up to 33m. Active components in the connectors perform electrical-to-optical conversion, drawing power from the HDMI port.

Intel Cancels Developer Forum!

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In a sign of an industry in flux Intel cancels the long-running Intel Developer Forum (IDF) tradeshow, including this summer's IDF17, in order to make way for an "evolved" event mix.

IDF"Intel has evolved its event portfolio and decided to retire the IDF program moving forward," a statement on the IDF17 event website reads. "Thank you for nearly 20 great years with the Intel Developer Forum! Intel has a number of resources available on, including a Resource and Design Center with documentation, software, and tools for designers, engineers, and developers."

Chipzilla had already cancelled this year's China IDF, but the San Francisco event was expected to happen, if with a "new format." After all IDF is an industry mainstay, having hosted major Intel product launches such as Skylake and Kaby Lake CPUs, Optane storage and Omni-Path networking fabric. Then again the cancellation is not that surprising, seeing how all big vendors have moved way from major events (such as CES or Macworld) to smaller announcements held throughout the year.

Record 2016 for Storit

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Storit, the holding company of CMS Distribution, announces a record fiscal 2016 with revenue increasing by 82% over 2015 to £325 million. Profits are up by 126%, reaching £12.3m.

Storit"Our Enterprise business continued to outpace the market, driving strong growth in security, information management, storage and open source technologies, along with our Retail channels, which also delivered high growth," CEO Frank Salmon says. "As our customers continue to deliver innovation around digital transformation, the business portfolio continues to drive change and open doors to new thriving markets.”

The Elon Musk Plan to Connect Brains to the Cloud!

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Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk announces his latest venture-- Neuralink, a startup with the lofty ambition to develop technology able to connect human brains to the cloud.

CyberbrainBut how would one connect brains to computers? According to a Wall Street Journal report, the answer lies in the "neural lace." Developed using nanotechnology, the neural lace consists of small electrodes implanted in the skull to form an electrode footprint able to monitor part, if not all, of the brain.

Wearers of such a neural lace, the theory goes, will be able to upload thoughts to and from the cloud via computer interface. Either way it all sounds very similar to the "cyberbrain," the mind-machine interface seen in the science fiction manga/anime series "Ghost in the Shell."

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