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Bob's Byte

Psst, Got Any Personal Data to Sell? The World's First Virtual Stock Exchange for Personal Data

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Psst, Got Any Personal Data to Sell? The World's First Virtual Stock Exchange for Personal Data

Sure, security is the number one concern of most internet users. But maybe we are going about it wrong? The world’s largest tech companies, those websites and apps we use every day, including Facebook, Google, and Amazon, glean huge quantities of our personal data. They know more about each of us than most family members...

Most tech companies profit from our data by serving up ads while others also lease or sell our info (even to data brokers). It's a consumer business worth millions of dollars--so lucrative those data brokers are called "data privateers." Like pirates of old except there has been no mutiny on this bounty.

While it's our data they're selling, we don't earn a cent. In an era of digital disruption, where media constantly bombards us to take our businesses digital, we've been blind to our own increasingly valuable digital profile.

Now two companies want to change that...

Insilico Medicine and The Bitfury Group plan to create the world’s first personal data marketplace run on blockchain and powered by artificial intelligence. The marketplace will let you take control of your personal data--and profit from it.


The Tech Companies of the FT 1000

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The Tech Companies of the FT 1000

The FT 1000 lists the 1000 companies in Europe with the highest percentage growth in revenues between 2012 and 2015.

78 companies on the list are in London, making the British capital a hub for innovation and commerce in the EU even as the UK prepares to leave the bloc.

Let's call it "Techxit..."

Paris is second with 45 companies, followed by Milan with 34 and 32 in Berlin.

Chances are this list isn't perfect. We imagine it's easier to accumulate info on companies in Western Europe than elsewhere in Europe. But it's a great compilation.

The "Technology" companies account for nearly 33% of the list. But it is getting harder and harder to distinguish "technology companies" from "companies" in the Age of Disruption.


ILA Launches into Microserver Business

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ILA Launches into Microserver Business

ILA in Netherlands will launch their own ILA product on March 1st this year--- based on licensed microserver technology from IBM and Astron.

The company will enter the market with a bare metal product that contains server class compute nodes based on a system on a chip (SoC) with SATA, networking, serial port and boot FLASH interfaces on the same chip.

“Microservers are densely packed clusters of low power servers running computationally light workloads between thousands of processor cores, 2x reduction in Capex, 2x reduction in power consumption, 10x reduction in space, 14x increase in rack performance,” says Fred Buining, CEO and Managing Director.  Buining [shown in picture] was previously Director Technology and Markets for Logic Supply Europe.

At ILA, multiple microserver nodes will be clustered in a 2U case with maximum of 64 nodes, providing up to 1536 cores (depending on which SoC is chosen). It is the World’s Densest 64-Node Microserver System.


Google Brings Out The Jamboard

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Google Brings Out The Jamboard

Jamboard. It’s Google’s 55-inch 4K touchscreen-- the first hardware product in Google’s rebranded G Suite of cloud-based tools. Formerly Google Apps for Work, G Suite is a set of intelligent apps for business by Google Cloud.—you know many of these collaboration tools from apps like Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Docs.

The problem that Google saw: their tools make online long-distance collaboration easy online, but put everyone in the same huddle room and there’s Google confusion. People would have to agree which tools to use--and spend meeting time sorting it all out. They couldn’t walk in and be both creative and collaborative in G Suite at the same time. Read more...

Intel Believes Drones are Their Next Computing Platform

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Intel Believes Drones are Their Next Computing Platform

Intel’s leaders believe drones are an important computing platform for the future—and they hold a new Guinness World Record to prove it.

They set the new record for having The Most UAVs Airborne Simultaneously with 500 drones lighting up the night sky. They outdid their previous record of 100 drones in-flight simultaneously in less than a year.

Yet the World Record may not be as high flying as an even more important record: these were all Intel-built and Intel-branded drones. Yes, it’s "Intel Outside" this time...

In October, Intel announced their first Intel-branded commercial multirotor drone – the Intel Falcon 8+ System [shown in photo below] with complete flight system redundancies built in.

Recently they announced their expanded capabilities in the drone sector with their acquisition of MAVinci GmbH – a private fixed-wing company with best-in-class flight planning software.

But Intel isn’t stopping there.

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