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Xeon Gets New product Family

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Intel reveals an update on the Xeon processor line with the E5-2600 series, saying it is designed to address the growth in cloud data traffic with "the best data centre performance per watt."

Intel XeonThe latest Xeon chips carry up to 8 cores per processor and up to 768GB of system memory while supporting Intel Advanced Vector Extension (AVX)-- an instruction set Intel says doubles the speed of heavy-duty operations such as financial analysis, media content creation and scientific simulation.

The company claims the new series improves performance by up to 80% over the previous Xeon generation. 

I/O processing (with PCI Express 3.0) is built directly into the chips, boosting performance even further.

Security comes through Intel Advanced Encryption Standard New Instruction (AES-NI)-- technology speeding up encryption and decryption over a range of applications and transactions. 

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