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Unifi RegAlert Ensures GDPR Requirements

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Cloud service provider Unifi Software presents a solution for enterprises wanting to ensure their data assets comply with new EU data protection requirements-- RegAlert!, a cloud-based data monitoring application.

GDPR According to Unifi, RegAlert! helps admins comb through data to ensure it is compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the latest EU data regulation. And enteprises need to be up to regulation scratch, since the sonsequences are hefty, reaching up to 4% of annual global revenue or €20 million, whichever is greater.

Unifi's Compliance Data Hub with RegAlert monitors all data in use, in real-time. If a user access data with GDPR attributes, RegAlert! immediately blocks the data set from further use, and notifies the person of potential regulatory infringement. It also notifies the data stewart so they ascertain (via Unifi) who is trying to access the data and grant either unconditional or restricted access.

RegAlert! features built-in row and column level security features, allowing data stewarts and compliance officers to easily obscure the actual values of fields falling under restrictions while still providing analysts with access to data. It also offers comprehensive data lineage features to highlight derived data sets containing GDPR data.

“In our data-driven world it’s arguably one of the biggest challenges facing every global enterprise. Whether a company has just one customer in the EU or thousands, they will be mandated to protect personal data under an expanded jurisdiction," the company says. "Our goal at Unifi, is to ensure that every business user inside a company has access to data for generating business value, and at the same time to assist the stewards of data compliance and governance.”

Go Unifi Adds RegAlert! to its Data as a Service Platform