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More Features in Bluescape Virtual Workspace

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The Bluescape virtual workspace gets a set of new features-- allowing users to group images, documents, video, text and more by attaching individual elements to each other.

BluescapeAttach allows users to stick elements, notecards, documents, images, video and more to each other, creating a group. Groups can be resized, moved, duplicated and presented as individual elements in the workspace, and can be detached when required. Attach preserves visual order and each layer is easily accessible. Custom templates allow one to organise content, track projects, design spaces and more.

In addition, users can also type text directly in the workspace in ad-hoc mode, as well as restrict specified collaborators to "view only" status to ensure work remains intact. Through text one can add captions, headlines, titles and notes anywhere in the workspace, as well as add text directly to images, documents, videos and notecards, with styling options, 64-bit colour palette and a variety of fonts.

The final addition is view only-- a means to restrict workspace collaborators to read-only access. View only collaborators can see other collaborators in the workspace, follow them, join a meet session, screenshare, see presentations, view comments and download workspace elements, while collaborators can broadly share projects without concerns of work being unexpectly altered or compromised.

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