Longer Battery Life With New Z-Wave Chip


Sigma Designs announces the 700-Series Z-Wave platform at CES 2018-- a chip the solution provider claims can squeeze 10 years of use from a single coin-cell battery.

Sigma Z-WaveAs well as being low power, the 700-Series chip offers a range of over 90m, meaning it can cover multi-stories in a house and the far end of the yard. It carries all the hardware required, including integrated software tools, large memory and many peripherals, making it both efficient and future proof.

Security is also covered thanks to the Z-Wave Security 2 (S2) framework, while Z-Wave SmartStart pre-configures to the network before reaching the home.

“700-Series opens opportunities for new classes of sensors that weren’t possible before, while making remarkable improvements to existing device categories," Sigma Designs says. "700-Series is creating a path to full home installations, moving from tens of Z-Wave devices to hundreds of Z-Wave devices per home. Our new platform assures the environment that will take homes from smart to truly intelligent.”

Go Sigma Designs Unlocks the Full Potential of the Smart Home with Next Generation Z-Wave 700-Series Chipset