The Latest SSD Series from Intel


Intel announces the successor to the Intel X25-E Extreme-- the SSD 710 Series, a purpose-built Multi-Level Cell (MLC) data center SSD. 

Intel SSD 710The SSD 710 uses compute-quality 25nm MLC flash memory with Intel High Endurance Technology (HET), unlike the Single-Level Cell (SLC) using X25-E.

Intel says the SSD 710 achives out-of-the-box write endurance of up to 1.1 PB, with 4K random write performance of up to 2700 IOPS and 4K random read performance of up to 38500 IOPS. 

It comes with a number of reliability features-- enchanced power-loss data protection, data security with surplus NAND flash memory, 128-bit AES security and an internal temperature sensor handling temperature monitoring and logging. 

Firmware enhancements also include optimised error avoidance techniques, write amplification reduction algorithms and system-level error management beyond ECC standards. 

The SSD 710 series will be available in 100, 200 and 300GB sizes from September. 

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