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Industry News

DigiTimes: "Some" Cannon Lake CPUs Delayed!

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DigiTimes claims Intel has rescheduled the release of "some" next-generation Cannon Lake-based processors-- mainly ones with integrated GPUs-- to end 2018, affecting notebook makers and their suppliers.

According to unnamed sources from the upstream supply chain, the situation is bad enough some vendors are considering skipping the 10nm Cannon Lake in favour of its eventual successor, Ice Lake. After all, the Intel roadmap shows Ice Lake will be available "shortly after" the rescheduled Cannon Lake launch.

In turn, Intel says the first 10nm products should ship by end 2017, beginning with a lower volume SKU before an H1 2017 volume ramp. Recently Chipzilla presented an update on the 10nm process technology at a Technology and Manufacturing Day event in Beijing, but had nothing to say on the reported delay.


InfoComm International Changes Name to AVIXA

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InfoComm International Changes Name to AVIXA

In a surprise announcement InfoComm International (as in the organisation) changes its name to the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association, or AVIXA.

For now, InfoComm the trade show-- both the one taking place in the US in June and international versions such as InfoComm China-- will retain the name, only the organiser is now AVIXA, not InfoComm International.

But why would would the organisation formerly known as InfoComm International change its name? As CEO David Labuskes puts it, “you shouldn’t change your name. If you can do anything else, you shouldn’t change your name… But [after much thought and discussion], none of the other options worked or were authentic.”


Norway to House "World's Largest" Datacentre

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Norway to House

The small Norwegian town of Ballangen, located in the Arctic Circle, is set to house what is claimed to be the "world's largest" datacentre-- a massive facility covering 600000 square metres.

The area makes it bigger than the current leader in datacentre size, a facility in Langfang, China. However the record might soon be beaten by a still-in-development centre in Nevada, the US.

The facility will be built by Kolos, an US-Norwegian company with offices in Norway, the US and Europe. It says the datacentre will initially draw in 70MW of power, a total to grow by 1000MW once the facility is fully built. The power will come from renewable sources, namely hydropower stations and wind farms, and the facility will operate at 60% reduction in energy to make what Kolos claims is "the most competitive datacentre in the world.”


DJI, 3DR Join Forces in Enterprise Drones

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DJI, 3DR Join Forces in Enterprise Drones

Chinese drone maker DJI joins forces with former competitor 3DR in the development of an enterprise drone platform-- one integrating the 3DR enterprise drone platform with DJI drones.

The collaboration allows customers to use DJI drones with the 3DR Site Scan platform. It promises seamless connection of DJI drones with Site Scans, with a full feature set including automatic flight mode, multi-engine cloud processing and tools designed for the construction industry. These include topographic surveys, calculating cut and fill volumes, stockpile measurement and exporting native Autoddesk file format.


Lian-Li Updates Desk PC

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Lian-Li Updates Desk PC

Taiwanese desk maker Lian-Li announces an update on last year's DK-04 standing desk PC case-- the Dual-System DK-05, a motorised adjustable desk chassis described as "the new pinnacle of PC desks."

First seen back at CES 2017, the DK-05 is built out of aluminium, with the top covered in tempered glass. It features a new design offering a pair of 305x276mm motherboard trays, with each tray fitting up to x8 PCI and PCIe cards, power supply and two 2.5-inch HDDs. A shared spaces provides more rooms for various drives.

Between the motherboard trays is a space for liquid cooling systems and required reservoirs, pumps and fan trays for 360mm and 480mm radiators. Since the DK-05 fits two PCs, each side has own I/O panels with USB 3.1, USB-C, USB 3.0, HDMI and HD-Audio ports, as well as RGB adjustment dials.


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