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Cloud Connect Makes Cloud Predictions

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the cloudThe Cloud Connect event presents top 12 predictions in cloud computing for 2012, covering the aspects of the future cloud such as the rise of Big Data, the move away from hardware and the possibilities leaks and disaster. 

The predictions come in collaboration with Bitcurrent, who says "in the five years since cloud computing vaulted into the enterprise, it's gone from nerdy pariah to a cornerstone of IT strategy." Below are the predictions themselves:

The Move to Platforms: IT will start delivering platforms, not machines, as the best teams will be those embracing private and public platforms as service and the real issues concerning them. 

The Move Out to Public Clouds: Bitcurrent predicts a "resurgence" in public cloud adoption for 2012.

The Advent of Big Data: Large unstructured datasets (and the tools to crunch them) will define every facet of how organisations make decisions. 

Spikiness: Before too long compilers will have an "optimise for cloud" checkbox, generating code "smart enough to grab all available computing." Meanwhile new planning tools measuring and constraining such applications will also become available. 

Consumer Expectations Come Back to Roost: Public clouds and technology upstarts are defining new IT expectations for end users and executives alike-- expectations IT will have to satisfy in 2012.

One Messy Leak: Bitcurrent predicts there will at least be "one spectacularly messy breach of data" the cloud will bear the blame for. This will result in the enforcing of 2-factor authentication and password generation and refreshing policies. 

Disaster Recovery and Scaling are the New Drivers: Rather than for cost savings and convenience, enterprise will adopt the cloud for disaster recovery and elastic scaling. 

An SLA Detente: "a company can have any Service Level Agreement it wants, as long as it architects it correctly from well-understood component services and finds a way to turn risk into economic value."

The Rise of Real Brokerages: Through the management of cloud offerings, enterprise IT professions will turn into procurement officers and contract negotiators-- at least before the emergence of brokerages simplifying and standardising the acquisition process. 

Virtual Machines and Real Hardware: Will the cloud give hardware new life? With more machines becoming virtual, "real" machines will be precious, being the only hardware one can trust due to cryptography, security or physical location. 

What Can't I Put in the Cloud? The real comparison in 2012 for on- and off-cloud solutions will be what can't be done better on a cloud. 

Infrastructure, Code and Data are Intertwined: Code writing, data storage and infrastrucutre management will become one and the same. 

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