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Google Intros Tiered Cloud

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Google announces Network Service Tiers Alpha-- a first tiered cloud offering from the company, with different pricing depending on whether the customer wants either higher performance or lower costs.

Google WallThe Premium tier delivers traffic over a private fibre network with over 100 points of presence (POPs) across the globe, making it what Google claims is the largest of any public cloud provider. The network promises to be highly redundant to ensure high availability, with at least 3 independent paths between any two locations to ensure traffic is unaffected by a single fibre cut.

Another Premium feature is Global Load Balancing, with the management simplicity of a single anycast IPv4 or IPv6 VIP, seamless expansion across regions, and overflow or fail over to other regions.

Meanwhile the Standard tier is designed for customers wanting to pay less for quality Google says is "comparable to that of other major public clouds." It delivers outbound traffic over ISP networks (as opposed to the Google network), while inbound traffic only runs on the Google network within the region the customer's GCP resides in.

As such, performance is lower compared to the Premium tier, and services such as Cloud Load Balancing are only available on a regional basis.

“Over the last 18 years, we built the world’s largest network, which by some accounts delivers 25-30% of all internet traffic," Google says. “You enjoy the same infrastructure with Premium Tier. But for some use cases, you may prefer a cheaper, lower-performance alternative. With Network Service Tiers, you can choose the network that’s right for you, for each application.”

Go Introducing Network Service Tiers