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CoreOS Adds Azure Support to Tectonic

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Container management vendor CoreOS releases an update on the Tectonic platform--- Tectonic 1.7.1, adding support for the Microsoft Azure cloud to the Kubernetes-based open-source system.

Core OSTectonic 1.7.1 follows the June 2017 release of Kubernetes 1.7, and adds the latest version of "pure, upstream" Kubernetes. Kubernetes was initially a Google open-source project, before it was taken over by the Linux Foundation's Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) in July 2015. It started off as Linux-only, but found its way to other platforms, including Microsoft Azure, through the efforts of organisations such as CoreOS.

“We want to make Microsoft Azure the most open and flexible cloud for enterprises and ISVs to build and manage the applications their customers need,” Microsoft says. “Tectonic on Azure is an exciting advancement, enabling customers to use CoreOS’ enterprise-ready container management platform to easily manage and scale workloads to build and manage these applications on Azure.”

As well as Azure support, Tectonic 1.7.1 adds integration with the opn-source Prometheus monitoring project. Another project hosted by the CNCF, Prometheus adds preconfigured alerts monitoring Kubernetes clusters. Another addition is alpha support for network policy based on the Tigera Project Calico, which targets security and control of inbound traffic in container pods.

Looking to the future, CoreOS plans to add support for the Google Cloud platform, although it does not have anything to announce as yet.

Go CoreOS Launches Tectonic 1.7.1 With Support for Microsoft Azure Cloud