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Armis Aims at IoT Security

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Startup Armis emerges from stealth mode with a product aimed at the Internet of Things (IoT)-- an agentless IoT security platform allowing enterprises to see and control all devices and networks accessing their systems.

IoT SecurityFounded in 2015 by CEO Yevgeny Dibrov and CTO Nadir Izrael, Armis technology runs on-premises and the cloud as either a physical or virtual appliance. In turn, the appliance connects to the Armis cloud platform to analyse the traffic passing through the network. A layered approach supports an extensive array of infrastructure, and it does not need to be installed everywhere on a network.

Armis says it can control and remediate threats, with remediation capabilities including the ability to disconnect malicious devices from a network. It also integrates with common enterprise networking components, such as firewalls and SDN segmentation tools, to orchestrate configuration to limit a potential attack surface.

“Enterprise security has a huge blind spot,” the company adds. “The recent botnet attacks like Mirai and Persirai show how new IoT devices are being exploited and attacked. We built Armis to give enterprises complete visibility into which devices are in their environment and track their behavior. We can stop devices from connecting to an inappropriate network or those exhibiting anomalous behavior, regardless of whether those devices are managed by IT or not.”

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