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Fujitsu, 1QBit Team Up in AI Cloud Service

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Fujitsu joins forces with 1QB Information Technologies to apply "quantum-inspired" technology to artificial intelligence, with a focus on combinatorial optimisation and machine learning.

Fujitsu 1QbitThe collaboration involves 1QBit quantum computer software running on a digital annealer joint-developed by Fujitsu and the University of Toronto. A digital annealer is a computer architecture able to rapidly solve combinatorial optimisation problems using existing semiconductor technology, with faster results than simulated annealing running on a conventional processor.

Meanwhile the software finds application in various industries, including finance, advanced materials, energy and life sciences. It should also help companies streamline distribution, improve disaster recovery, create and implement economic policy and improve social policy and decision making.

It will be available on the cloud as the Fujitsu Cloud Service K5 Zinrai Platform Service, with the option to access results of the Fujitsu-1QBit collaboration through Zinrai.

Go Fujitsu and 1QBit Collaborate on Quantum-Inspired AI Cloud Service