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FIDO Alliance Reveals Specification, Products

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The Fast Identity Online (FIDO) Alliance releases the first draft of its technical specifications as security vendor Nok Nok Labs reveals the first product running the specification, the S3 Authentication Suite.

FIDO AllianceLaunched just less than a year ago, the FIDO Alliance aims to replace the password with a device-centric standards-based model making use of security technologies such as biometrics (fingerprint scanners, voice and facial recognition), Trusted Platform Modules (TPM), USB security tokens, Near Field Communication (NFC) and One Time Passwords (OTP).

The specification is open to other existing and future technologies, and can be federated using standards such as OpenID and SAML.

The Alliance also reveals growing membership-- from an initial 6 founders it currently counts nearly 100 companies including Aetna, ARM, Dell, Discretix, IdentityX, Netflix, Next Biometrics, Oesterreichische Staatsdruckerei GmbH, Salesforce, SafeNet, Sonavation, STMicroelectronics, and Wave Systems.

Meanwhile the S3 Authentication Suite promises a flexible architecture providing risk-appropriation authentication capabilities. Using the the FIDO Universal Authentication Framework protocol, it features the first authentication server supporting both passwordless and password modes.

“What we’re providing now meets the needs of the modern computing ecosystem,” Nok Nok Labs says. “For the first time, internet services are able to deliver cost-effective strong authentication leveraging any device their customers may have.”

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